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The Ezy Photo Tab extension is no longer supported on Chrome™.

Edit photos like a Pro

Pictab Image

Need more reasons to install Ezy Photo Tab?

Advanced Editing

Choose your image, browse & select the right tool, apply filters, explore different color choices and more with quick link access to useful editing resources.

Instant photo editor

Editing images is now easier and faster with Ezy Photo Tab. Select your photo and crop or rotate it directly using a tool on your new tab.

Get Custom Web Search

Along with a quick link to websites that let you edit photos, videos and find images, Ezy Photo Tab & Custom Web Search gives you access to a new web search experience.


Ezy Photo Tab has not been installed.

Install Ezy Photo Tab to:

  • Crop & rotate photos
  • Edit clips & make videos
  • Create collages or logos
  • Custom web search

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